Inner Magic Club

By Ronaldo B. Moraleta, M.D

It was on the fateful night of September 25, 1996 when a group of officers and members of Magic Circle Philippines held a meeting at Lou Hilario’s former residence at Dita St., San Antonio Village, Makati. Present then were Ferdinand Flores, Cris Castro, Ronaldo Moraleta, M.D., Marcelino Alviz, Laurence Chew, Ibarra Deri, Leo Domapias, David Elefant, Ramon Ello, Lou Hilario, Rannie Raymundo, Renato Samson and Jose Luis Valenzuela.


The group discussed on the formation of a more efficient and better Magic club with the main objective of uplifting the standard of Magic in the Philippines. Lou Hilario suggested the name Inner Magic Club, thus the birth of IMC. The club was formally registered, through the efforts of Attorney Cyril Regalado, as a non-stock, non-profit organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 31, 1997 with SEC # A199701908.


Initiated primarily by Ronaldo Moraleta, M.D. with the help of then President Ferdinand “Chubby” Flores and Cyril Regalado, Inner Magic Club became Charter Ring No. 328 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians on July 30, 1997. Charter members of Ring 328 are: Herman Gil Aquino, Ronaldo Moraleta, David Elefant, Rosauro Julio, Renato Samson, Edison Chua, Ferdinand Flores, Cyril Regalado, Marcelino Alviz, Jesus Elbinias, Leo Domapias, Mark Soriano, Emily Miranda, Vincent Hugo and Napoleon Perez.


It was also on this month that Filipino magicians gained worldwide recognition in the realm of Magic as IMC represented the Philippines for the first time at the 20th World Congress of Magic, more popularly known as FISM, in Dresden, Germany. Cyril Regalado even competed in the Close Up competition. Oozing with enthusiasm, the club’s first public performance directed by Rannie Raymundo on October 17, 1997 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Little Theater entitled Salamangka Atbp. – A Journey to the World of Magic was a huge success!


After this it was apparent that IMC would grace TV and charity shows continuously up to this day. In 2003, IMC together with other Magic clubs in Asia, founded the Asian Magic Association, an alliance, which aims to unite the major Magic societies in Asia. Cris Castro who most of the time was present during the meetings eventually became and currently seats as one of its directors.


Another good news came during the First Asian Magic Convention held on September 24 – 26, 2004 at Fuyong, Shenzhen, China, as Marcelino Alviz bagged second place in the Close Up competition. Inner Magic Club was focused on forging ahead in reaching its goals as it marked another page in Filipino Magic history on September 24, 2005, on the launching of its second major and highly successful Magic show entitled “Magic ‘To!!!” at the Philamlife Theater, U.N. Avenue, Manila. Indeed, IMC’s future is looking extremely healthy and the best is yet to come!

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            SECTION 1- The name of this non-profit organization shall be “Inner Magic Club” (IMC)




            SECTION 1- The principal office of the Club shall be located and established in 612 G. Cordillera Street, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. The organization may, however, establish chapters elsewhere in the different cities and provinces throughout the Philippines.




            SECTION 1- The objectives of this organization are as follows:

            (a) To uplift the standard of magic in the Philippines.

            (b) To propagate magic by making people aware of the art.

            (c) To foster brotherhood and camaraderie among magicians.

            (d) To help member magicians, whether they be professionals, semi-professionals or hobbyists, develop their skills and advance their knowledge in the art of magic as well as to promote economic opportunities for the members of the Club.




            SECTION 1- Membership of the Club shall be open to all magicians and hobbyists throughout the Philippines and shall be classified into:

            (a) Regular (Active) members- Those members who have satisfactorily accomplished the requirements of the organization, are in good standing and whose dues have been received by the organization regularly.

          (b) Lifetime Members- Those members who have been in good standing for ten consecutive years and have made significant contributions to IMC Projects and programs.

            (c) Honorary members- Those magicians and non-magicians who have been accepted as members of the Club for their invaluable contribution to the art of magic. Honorary Membership will be awarded to any individual who could bring prestige, pride and would unquestionably be an asset to the Club. This kind of membership shall be voted upon by the Executive Council.

            (d) Associate members – Those individuals accepted as members of the Club by virtue of their affiliation with regular members, whether by blood, family, marital or business relation. Associate members have no voting rights and cannot run for elected positions in the Club.

            (e) Junior members – Those members who are 17 years old or under.

            (f) Inactive Members – Those members who have failed to reinstate their annual dues for one year.


            SECTION 2- The Executive Council shall be empowered to add other classifications of membership which are deemed warranted by the exigencies and other circumstances.


            SECTION 3- The requirements for becoming a regular (active) member are as follows:

            (a) All applicants should be 18 years old and above with a sincere interest in magic with exception on case to case basis.

            (b) They shall fill out an application form and shall be briefed by the Membership Committee regarding the initiation process of IMC.

            (c) They shall attend 10 consecutive meetings, wherein they are required to perform a minimum of five-minute magic act on the 3rd, 6th and 10th week of their attendance. In case of emergency leading to a non-attendance of a meeting, an applicant shall be excused as long as he informs in advance one of the officers when and why he cannot attend. Failure to inform the officers shall mean his disapproval, but he or she may re-apply. An applicant is allowed a   maximum of two excused absences. However, the Executive Council, at its discretion and upon showing of interest on the part of the applicant, may still allow further absences. 

             (d) Inactive Members who failed to pay their annual dues for at least two years should pay P3,500 and perform a five-minute magic act to be able to reinstate his membership to the club.


               SECTION 4- Applicants should pay the required dues upon his or her application for membership to the Club.


                SECTION 5 - Approval or Disapproval- All applications shall be voted upon by the members and Executive Council who are present during the applicant’s magic examination by submitting their scores with the highest grade of 5 and lowest of 1. The Committee for Membership shall tally the scores and the passing grade is 3.


            SECTION 6- Expiration- Active membership expires every December 31.


            SECTION 7- Suspension/Expulsion- Any member of the Club may be suspended or expelled by an affirmative vote of the majority of the Executive Council after charges are prepared against him in writing and a fair hearing is held upon the same by an appointed committee. Grounds for expulsion of members are: immorality, unethical practice, conduct unbecoming of a member, misbehavior, default in the payment of membership dues, grounds that are detrimental to the existence of the Club, conduct unbecoming a member, misbehavior.




            SECTION 1- Rights- A member in good standing is entitled to:

            (a) Participate in all activities and functions of the Club.

            (b) Vote and be voted upon, subject to limitations as provided for in this By-Laws.

            (c) Receive the ‘Magic” Journal and other publications intended for general circulation (Optional).

            (d) Enjoy such other rights and privileges as may be granted to members from time to time.


            SECTION 2- Obligations- A member of the Club, to be considered in good standing shall:

            (a) Pay the membership dues and other fees as well as all assessments that may be imposed by the authorized bodies of IMC.

            (b) Comply with such other obligations as may be imposed by the Executive Council.

            (c) Attend the IMC Weekly meetings and support all the upcoming events by promoting the publication materials, participating in all of the events and etc.




            SECTION 1 – An applicant shall pay P3,500.00 for the membership fee. Process application will be done between the 1st week of January to the 1st week of July.



          SECTION 2- An active or regular member shall pay an annual due of P2,000 for the renewal of membership. An early bird discount price of P 1,500 will be honored to the members that will pay until the last day of January.  


            SECTION 3- A lifetime member shall be exempted from payment of annual dues but shall pay a fee of P50,000.00 upon conferment of the membership and subject of approval from the Executive Council. The Lifetime Member can also be awarded to an outstanding member and supporter of the Inner Magic Club.


             SECTION 4 - An Honorary or Associate member is exempted from paying dues unless he/she is also an active member. An honorary or Associate member who is exempted from paying dues shall be accorded the privileges of the floor but subject for approval from the Executive Council and does not have the right to vote.





            SECTION 1- Any group of at least 5 magicians or hobbyist in any province or city can organize a Chapter.


            SECTION 2- There shall be only one chapter in any Province/Municipality or City Chapter.


            SECTION 3- The name of the Chapter shall be IMC followed by the Province or Municipality or City Chapter.


           SECTION 4- The Chapter shall be constituent affiliated Chapter of Inner Magic Club. It shall have its own Constitution and By-Laws which shall be approved by its officers. No provisions of such Constitution and By-Laws of a Chapter shall contradict with the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of this Club.




           SECTION 1 - The fiscal year of this organization and its Chapters shall be from the 31st day of December to the 1st day of January of the following year.




            SECTION 1- All funds and monies due from its members shall be payable in the name of the organization and shall be deposited in such bank as the Executive Council may designate.

           SECTION 2- All checks and disbursement of the organization shall be signed by the Treasures and countersigned by the President.

          SECTION 3 – Financial statements shall be reported every 1st week of the Month by the Auditor.




            SECTION 1- A regular weekly meeting shall be held every Wednesday for the purpose of taking care of business matters, sharing tricks and ideas.

            SECTION 2- An annual general assembly shall be convened for the purpose of electing the Officers of the organization, and to take action on matters within its jurisdiction on the first Wednesday of October.  Members shall be informed in writing 30 days before the assembly. Issues to be discussed in the general assembly must be submitted to the officers 15 days prior to the assembly

            SECTION 3- An extraordinary general assembly can be called through a petition by at least 50% or one half of the members or the Executive council.  The petition of the members must be submitted to the Executive Council who shall then inform the members in writing 15 days before the extraordinary general assembly.


            SECTION 4- A regular monthly of the Executive Council shall take place every first Wednesday of the month at 6 P.M. at a place designated by the latter to discuss important matters regarding the Club.


            SECTION 5- A quorum at regular meetings shall consist of a simple majority of the Executive Council plus five regular members.  Any question that may come before the meeting shall be decided by a majority of the members present.




             SECTION 1- The Officers of the organization shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Public Relations Officer and Head Protocol Officer with Two Co Protocol Officers, all of whom shall be elected from among the members of the organization during the annual general assembly.


             SECTION 2- The Officers shall be elected by a plurality vote of the general membership. The position of Head Protocol Officer shall have received the highest votes and the second and third highest number of votes shall be the Two Co Protocol Officers.


              SECTION 3- The terms of office of the Officers of the Club, unless otherwise stipulated, shall be for two years, from the 1st week of February to last week of January of the following second year, or until the successor shall have been duly inducted.





           SECTION 1- The Executive Council shall be the Board of Trustees of the Club as a corporation, and shall be composed of the Chairman, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Public Relation Officer, Head Protocol Officer and Two Co Protocol Officers. The immediate past president of the Club shall be the Chairman of the Executive Committee.






            SECTION 1- President- The President shall be the chief executive officer of the organization.  He shall preside at all meetings of the organization. It shall be his duty to see to it that the officers and committees of the organization shall discharge their duties faithfully, impartially, accurately and promptly. He shall see to it that the objectives of the organization are carried into effect. He shall have the power and it shall be his duty to appoint all committees subject to ratification by the Executive Council. He shall countersign all checks and approve all legitimate disbursements of the Club. He shall also be an ex-officio member of all committees.


              SECTION 2- Vice President- The Vice President who is also a director and shall act as the President in case of inability, sickness, absence or any other permanent or temporary disability of the President and shall perform such other duties as may be designated or delegated to him by the President or by the Executive Council.


              SECTION 3- Secretary- The Secretary shall be the chief custodian of all records, papers and other documents and properties of the Club, take minutes and prepare resolutions at all meetings of the members and Executive Council, issue all notices required by the Constitution and By-Laws of this organization.  He shall receive all applications for membership, issue all certificates and cards of membership, and shall perform such other duties as delegated to him by the President or the Executive Council in the execution of the policies and resolutions in the furtherance of the objectives of the organization.


            SECTION 4- Treasurer- The Treasurer shall exercise supervision over the financial affairs of the organization.  He shall keep all funds of the Club which shall be deposited by him in the name of the Club in a bank designated by the Executive Council.  It shall be opened during normal business hours for inspection and examination by the Executive Council or any committees or membership appointed by them for the purpose.  He shall sign all checks and disbursements of funds of the Club.  At the expiration of his office, he shall promptly deliver all books, papers and records as well as properties of the Club in his control or under his possession to his successor or to a member designated by the Executive Council.


            SECTION 5- Auditor- It shall be the duty of the Auditor to audit the books of account of the Club whenever he shall see fit and at least quarterly and to report on the balance sheet which later shall be published jointly with his report, and for this purpose all books of account, vouchers, and other documents of the Club relating to its financial administration shall be placed at his disposal when he requests for them.


            SECTION 6- Public Relations Officer- The PRO shall prepare all the press releases of the Club and perform such other duties as may be designated or delegated to him by the President or by the Executive Council.


             SECTION 7- Head Protocol Officer and the Two Co Protocol Officers- It shall be the duty of the Protocols to maintain order in all meetings and activities of the Club and perform such other duties designated to him by the President or by the Executive Council.


             SECTION 8- Executive Council- The Executive Council shall appoint all officers to fill vacancies created by reason of death, resignation, expulsion or incapacitation.  The council is the policy making body of the organization.  It shall make rules and regulations which may be necessary for the proper administration of the affairs of the Club or the protection of its interest.  It shall consider all questions involving the rights and privileges of the members.  All questions of an ethical nature brought before the Club shall be referred to the council for discussion.  The decision in all such cases shall be final.  It shall have the authority to create committees for special purposes, and such committees shall render reports to council in writing or in person and may participate in the discussion thereof.  It shall, through its Secretary and/or Treasurer, submit an annual report or summary of its proceedings to the organization at the annual general assembly and such other reports at such other times as the Club may request to do so.




            The Officers of this organization shall be elected as follows:

                SECTION 1- The President, with the approval of the Executive Council, shall appoint not later than mid January of each election year an Election Committee whose members are not running for any elective position of the Club.  The Election Committee shall manage and administer the election proceedings, which will be held every second to the last Wednesday of January of the election year.


            SECTION2- In all general elections, all members of the organization shall be required to register before voting and only those who have paid their membership dues shall be entitled to vote.


            SECTION 3- All elections of the Club shall be conducted in secret ballots and all ballots used and cast for the election of Officers shall be marked “OFFICIAL BALLOTS” with the signature of the Chairman of the Election Committee.


            SECTION 4- No absentee or proxy vote shall be allowed in all meetings or elections of the organization.





            SECTION 1- These Constitution and By-Laws may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part, by a simple majority of the entire membership of the Club and Executive Council at any general assembly or extraordinary general assembly of the organization.